In our products, we put our whole heart, and our motto is natural, tasty and healthy products, loved by the whole world. And it will never change.

Get to know our mission

The most important is natural taste, because it changes everything. And it necessarily must be remaining in the memory for a long time.

Naturalne produkty

We only offer natural products

Our priority is to work and live in harmony with nature. For honey is it's greatest creation, and it would be a sin, to try and change it or perfect it, as it's already perfect. Our honeys come from all over the world, to satisfy the most sophisticated taste. We also have specially selected European honeys, like ones from Spain of France. Each consigment is carefully tasted, so that we are sure, we're selling nothing more than just pure sweetness of nature.

Najlepszy naturalny smak

We understand the meaning of taste

As the only creatures on earth, we gain pleasure from eating tasty. We relish the taste, consistency and the look of what we eat. So let's use this amazing right and buy only high quality products, full of the best, natural taste! I our offer, you'll find multiflower, lime and accacia honey, very subtle and delicate, with bright colour, but also intense honeydew and buckwheat honey. Of course you can't forget our exeptional Hobee, that will lighten every morning, and special flavoured honeys like spanish orange flower honey, just perfect for cooking.

Bez sztucznych dodatków

We do not compromise

Quality, quality and once again quality. It's our motto. You could also add tradition to that, but quality is defenitely most important for us. Quality, and being honest to orselves, our work, but most important, towards our customers. When we say, that our honey doesn't contain any artificial additives, it is that way, period. When we say, that our honey is carefully tested to make sure there are no antibiotics in it, it is this way, period. Our honey is the best you can get.

Each our product is carefully prepared, and leaves the factory only when we make sure, we'd like to buy it ourselves.

We collect our honey only from best apiaries

Since the begining of our operation, we work with apiaries we know, and trust. We have always been very supportive to local beekeepers, because we know, that our Polish honey, is considered one of the best ones in whole world.

In our factory, we pur it into the jars

Before we pour it, our honey is carefully tested, both in our own laboratories, as well as in independent ones. There is no posibility for us to sell honey we sell is bad quality. For our reliability and diligance we've been awarded with numerous awards, also with an awward given by ex president of Poland himself, on the competition Agroliga 2011.

Fresh and delicious, it hits the shelves in stores.

We cooperate with numerous large retailers like Tesco, Geronimo Martens, Auchan, Netto and many others. But we also care about small, local businesses, and for years our perfect products can be found in small, independent local shops.

And that's how we make sweet memories and unforgettable pleasure for you and your family!

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