We offer the highest quality honey. Here, you will find a selection of honey from Poland and around the world.
Huzar is a family-owned company with a Polish capital which for 25 years constantly handles preparing the highest quality honey. With passion we search through Polish and global apiaries in order to be able and provide you with quality products from the most ecological regions of Poland and the world, and constantly broaden our product offer.

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We offer honey varieties from Poland as well as from around the world. We have some well-known flavors,
such as: multiflorous honey, linden honey, acacia honey, buckwheat honey, honeydew honey, which have been obtained
from the territories of Poland and Europe. With us, you will also find rare varieties of heather honey, eucalyptus honey,
orange honey, sunflower honey, almond honey, or lavender honey. We also have an offer of wholesale packaged honey,
made especially for restaurants, as well as for businesses which belong to the food, pharmaceutical,
cosmetics and alcohol industries.

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