A series of premium class honey only from Polish apiaries. It is dedicated to customers with more classic taste, who appreciate traditional flavour. Polish Honey comes from the ecologically-cleanest regions of Poland from selected apiaries that meet highest standards for generations.


A series of honey from around the world. Here you can find well-known and liked flavours in Poland such as: linden honey or honeydew honey as well as more sophisticated types of honey. Our offer includes lavender honey, almond honey, orange honey or even exotic eucalyptus honey. World Honey series will delight everyone who is looking for new culinary experiences and taste sensations.


All types of our honey comes from environmentally-cleanest regions. However, only organic honey come from certified apiary farms that undergo rigorous requirements and constant controll .  In such apiaries no chemicals to fight off bee diseases can be used under no circumstances. They are also obliged to put beehives far away from the industrial fruit tree plantations. These products are dedicated to allergy sufferers as well as other cutomers with a special dietary requirements.
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